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A common cause of a sewer backup is a blockage in the pipe that runs between your home and the city’s main sewer line. Blockages in sewers can be caused by root intrusion, non-dissolvable items (baby wipes, female products) Sewer blockages can also be caused by items such as cooking grease, rags, or pieces of solid debris that have been build up in the line within time. The sewer pipe that runs from your home to the property line is owned and maintained by the homeowner.

Tony's Drain sewer line cleaning services
Tony's Drain sewer line cleaning services

Drainage and flooding problems in and around your home can be costly and damaging. There are many products for sale in grocery and home improvement for drain cleaning and clogs of all types. We strongly encourage clients to avoid using chemical drain cleaners, especially if your home’s plumbing is old. Which can also cause more damages then benefits to the pipe specially on an old pipes.

Many people are in the habit of pouring grease and oil down the drain, if you are one of them please, stop! Fatty liquids will cool and coagulate in your pipes and eventually become too dense to be pushed through by water. Hardened grease and oil can constrict your pipes, making it difficult for waste particles to move through.

Our Sewer cleaning services are here to help you prevent and solve these issues, and to avoid sewer backups.

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