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To check the conditions of the sewer line, a sewer line scoping will reveal its current condition and can help you identify potential issues to avoid costly surprises in the future.

Tree roots instruction, roots will grow in the joints will create a nest inside the pipe and they will catch toilet paper, human feces that will eventually create a sewer backup.

Items flushed in the toilet that is not dissolvable (baby wipes, female products, paper towels), those items are not dissolvable they will go thru the toilet but will get stuck at some in point the line and over time will create a slow drain/sewer pack up.

When you have a sewer backup. That can be caused by tree roots instruction, baby wipes, female products, and paper towels.

Hydrojetting is used when there is lots of slush in the line for example accumulation of grease, human feces, and toilet paper. This method is used when the power rodding does not remove the clog.

There is a “P-trap” underneath the floor in a “U” shape that holds the water, also the purpose of the water in the P-trap is to prevent sewer gases to come over surface

It’s because the P-traps are dry, it can also be an exposed pipe with no P-trap or no cap on it. With no water in the p trap, there is nothing to hold the sewer gases.

The purse of the floor drains in a home or a commercial building is to carry the overflow of water, coming from heavy rain or a broken pipe.

1: Garbage disposal-the improper use of the garbage disposal, people will use the garbage disposal as it was a garbage can, putting all the leftovers and created a clog dipper down the line.

2: Dumping grease into the sink; eventually over time, the grease will build up along the inner walls of the pipe creating the line much narrower until it will eventually close and will stop the flow of the water.

It all depends on the history of the sewer backups and the reason why. when you have a history of tree roots in your line, you should do a yearly power rodding to cut the roots and that will prevent nasty backup.


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