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Camera Scoping Service


If you are in the market to purchase a new home make sure you get a sewer camera inspection before you close!


Sewer camera scoping, also known as Sewer Camera Inspection, consists of running a camera inside the sewer line, this inspection will reveal the current condition of the sewer lines and potential issues.


Homebuyers are highly encouraged to get a sewer camera inspection as part of the home inspection, this will bring you peace of mind and could help avoid surprises and costly sewer repairs.


During a Sewer camera scoping service, our highly-trained and experienced technician runs the camera inside the sewer line, this camera is equipped with a push rod and allows the technician to maneuver through all the turns and twists in the line. The camera can examine the conditions, diameter, and material of the pipe.


A live video feed is transmitted onsite to a full-color monitor in real-time, we can assess the conditions of the sewer pipe immediately along with any problems such as root intrusion, build-up, or any damages in the pipe. The video can be saved for any further needs.


Ideal for home buyers.

Highly-recommended as part of your home inspection.

You can save thousands of dollars in expensive repairs.

Reveals the condition of your sewer lines.

Camera scoping is unexpensive .

Avoid costly surprises in sewer problems.

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