Tony's Facts

What are the 7 Tony’s Facts cbbb-badge-Tonys-Drain-Cleaning-Sewer-Services

1: I put customer satisfaction first.

I know how to satisfy my customer’s needs and will do everything it takes to ensure satisfaction.  After all, without you the customer, Tony will be alone inside the sewers.

2: I have expertise in this specialty

There are many other services out there that  claim to know how to do drain and sewer cleaning professionally,  but the reality none of those people were born and lived in the sewers. I have done this for many many years throught my life. I can find where the problem is and will fix it right away.

3: I go the extra mile.

I do more for my customers because it is in my DNA. My parents taught me all the skills and and to use the tools necessary to do my job right. Our company is a family owned and operated business.

4: I am the only rat in the drain and sewer business that knows how to communicate effectively.

No matter what, I take the time to explain the available options to my customers, make recommendations, state the total costs, and promise a date when the work can be completed.

5: Tony’s Drain and Sewer Cleaning follows exceptional guiding principles.

Customers always appreciate Tony because of his good manners and proper etiquette. He has high ethical and moral standards, is honest and fair with others, and obeys the law. These may not sound like the attributes for rat, but they are the basic values in my family.

6: I share my knowledge with the world.

When I was growing up my Grandfather taught me how to clean drains and sewers. I am no stranger to you or my customers, I am your friend and I will help and recommend everything I know to stop your future drain problems.

7: Say thank you and give a beautiful gifts.

I will always try to find a way to thank my customers for their business. I give them a items, which has a symbolic value for me like a Tony’s Hat that represents my grandfather’s teachings, my family’s love, and our appreciation.



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