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One concept that has remained tucked into the special corner of the modern world is that of The House of the Future. No one really knows it actually started. Some say it started in the early 20th Century. Others believe that it began even earlier!

The House of the Future: A brief History

Is-the-Future-Now-or-LaterAppearing early in the 1900s, the house of the future was quite the sight to see. There are recorded accounts of future houses available to us. These were from as early as the 1920s.

Knowing what the future holds for us is an exciting concept. Expecting the unexpected is something that makes people look forward to seeing tomorrow. This has been the reason for the extremely cutting edge concepts over the years.

These have been so extreme that they have always been regarded as being ahead of their time. Innovation has been the result.

The House of the Future has been a common theme in films over the decades. These films featured concepts in house which were not technologically possible at the time of production.

The videophone is one such idea.
The videophone is a concept from the early 60s and 70s. It was a technology included in houses especially in the kitchen and living area. It was an idea that was the predecessor of modern day video conferencing.

The very concept of being able to talk to someone from a screen and see them at the same time was cutting edge. Today, we have web cams and smart phones which have allowed us to finally enjoy this concept from the concept of our homes.

Other concepts include that of automated control of applications in the house. The House of the Future carried with it the concept of a centralized ‘computer’ of sorts. A station from which the house a whole was controlled. The use of your voice was enough to control the house. A simple command would be enough to lock the doors or turn off the lights!

Our every day life has been affected directly an indirectly through current innovations. The House of the Future concept is innovation focused. It works towards innovating in the most important space to mankind – the home.

The home is our place of solace. It is the place where we are truly ourselves. A place filled with a lot of familiarity. It is the one place where we feel the safest.
Considering this, comfort is usually at the top of our lists. This explains the presence of comfort furniture and color schemes.

The developments, so far Technology has come a long way. It has been a while since the introduction of some ‘cutting-edge’ house of the future concepts. Ideas such as that of a machine to do your dishes have already been realized (the dishwasher just in case you were wondering).

We have come to associate technology with convenience. It can be seen in practical applications everywhere we look. In our cars, in security procedures, communication and factories. Technology has helped advance our understanding of the universe and our surroundings.
This has also helped reduce the amount of work we are required to do. Efficiency has been a key result.

Smart homes
Today, we have been introduced to the concept of smart houses. The word future as somehow lost its place in the concept. This is because we are in the age of everything being smart. Appliances being able to autonomously operate. This includes being able to program appliances to perform complex tasks in the home.

Companies and foundations are currently actively working to bring the concept to life. Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) has been able to link several appliances to the Internet for increased convenience even when we are not in the house.

The only problem is that some appliances lack the ability to link to the Internet.

Our need to learn more about the future will continue forever. The future will always be the future. The House of the Future will continue to be developed and one day we will all be living in one.

Is the Future Now or Later? by Tony’s Drain & Sewer Cleaning

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