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How Astronauts Poop in Space?. Ever wondered how astronauts poop in space? Imagine taking a dump in zero gravity with everything going up or floating around. It can get messy, nonetheless, NASA finally found a solution to it.

In the Beginning
How Astronauts Poop in Space?Designing the first space rocket was so much fun they actually forgot about the toilet. It took the distress of a pee-filled astronaut and urine almost taking down an entire spaceship for NASA to see their error.

Voila! Plastic bags were the answer, strapped on the astronaut posterior with adhesive tape. But there was another problem...the fecal matter couldn’t leave its source due to zero gravity.

Astronauts had to manually ‘knead’ the poo out their hinds and into the plastic bags. Moreover, they had to spray germicides into the bags to kill bacteria. Bacteria that could potentially turn the poo bag into a literal time-bomb.

Adding salt to injury, it took about 45 minutes to get the whole process done; so the question ‘How astronauts poop in space?‘ still needed a definite answer.

How Astronauts Poop in Space?

Take a Dump and Dump it!
Fast forward to present day and the question ‘How Astronauts Poop in Space?’ still begged for an answer. NASA finally had their light bulb moment, one that make astronaut poo look awesome!

Today’s space rockets use airflow technology that sucks fecal matter into a pipe then dumps it into space.

This suction mechanism substitute’s earth’s gravity and astronauts no longer have to perform their ‘kneading’ duties while taking a No 2.

Easy it may sound, still some care and attention is required for the potty sessions to be successful. NASA even has a mandatory potty-training class for astronauts about to launch into in space. The ‘How astronauts poop in space?’ training sessions give tips on better positioning for effective suctioning to happen.

A camera is fixed to the space toilet feeding directly to a screen in front of the astronaut. This extra footage helps the space guys align themselves better by watching their position on the screen and adjusting till they nail the spot.

Why the extra procedure for how astronauts poop in space? So no waste matter may get into air vents and ruin the toilet system. The fecal matter dumped out in space burns up and, well, gets forgotten. Here is where it gets cool, the burning up process creates a fire ball that actually appears like a shooting star; both in space and on earth!

Problem Solved
No longer do astronauts have to lose their dignity defecating into plastic bags and tagging their poo bag behind them. The airflow suction system proved effective on getting rid of poop…but not pee. Urine immediately froze in space and literally transformed into ice missiles traveling at high speeds.

The Russians learnt the hard way when solving their ‘How astronauts poop in space?’ equation. Frozen urine hit and ruined half the solar panels on their prized space ship.

So there you have it, how astronauts poop in space? Well they only need to surrender to the suction hole and it does the rest for them. But remember, whenever you see a shooting star in the starry skies, know that somewhere in space an astronaut just took a dump!

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