Sewer Excavation in Aurora, Illinois

Tony’s Sewer & Drain has years of experience providing sewer and water line excavation and repair services in the Aurora Illinois area.
Sewer and water line excavation is a complex process that requires precision. Because we are highly experienced in excavation for sewer and water repairs, we can respond to these situations readily, whether it is an emergency or not.

When Should Sewer Excavation Be Used?

Sewer excavation is ideal when lines need spot repairs, need to be regraded, or the pitch or slope of the line needs to be corrected because of “bellies” or “sags” in the pipline. Excavations are also necessary when sewer and water lines need to be re-routed.

  • Spot repairs
  • Open Cut
  • Regrades or Slope correction
  • Line re-routing

Spot Repairs

Spot sewer repairs are performed when just a section of the pipe needs repair, and the whole line doesn’t need to be replaced. Excavation at the location of the repair needs to be done to access the sewer line.

Open Cut

Open cuts are performed when a longer section of pipe needs repair, and a trench has to be dug along the entire length of the line.

Sewer Line Belly Repair

Low areas in the sewer line or “bellies” are caused by soil erosion, foundation settlement, geological events, or by faulty workmanship when the line was installed with poor soil compaction or poor installation. Instead of the pipe lying straight, it develops a sag or low point where water and debris build up and create a blockage.

How are sewer line bellies repaired? The only way to repair a sewer line belly, sag, low area, or back-pitch is to use conventional sewer line replacement methods. The line has to be dug up and the affected section(s) of the sewer pipe need to be replaced to retore the proper slope or grade in the line. Depending on the circumstances, only a section of the pipe, or the whole line will need to be replaced.

Sewer Line Re-Routing

The re-routing of sewer lines is performed when there is a remodeling project being done on a home, new structures are being added that need sewer line connections.

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